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Save on your energy bills

Turning off the lights when exiting a room can result in energy savings, but in the darker months, when illumination is a must & gives visual warmth to the home, there are other ways to adapt?

What Can I Do To Save Energy?

The type of light bulb plays a vital part in energy bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a home using just LED bulbs will save approximately £35 – £55 less energy in a year.

If you switch to LED light bulbs it will turn an existing light into an energy-efficient one. It is the quickest and easiest option. Given the current cost of electricity, if you can change just a few of your most regularly used bulbs for LED, then this can start to have a positive impact on your energy use. We offer an extensive array of LED light bulbs in store. You can contact a member of the team today on 01782 625119 for assistance choosing the right bulb.